When processed samples, which may contain various monophosphates not associated with phytic acid, are analysed the phytic acid content may be overestimated since the alkaline phosphatase can release phosphate from various monophosphates in addition to inositol-monophosphate and the calculation of phytic acid assumes that all of the phosphorus is released from phytic acid. For such samples this may be overcome by performing the “Free Phosphorus” sample test exactly as described in the K-PHYT data booklet except that the alkaline phosphatase is included in the second part of the dephosphorylation reaction step (in place of the water addition). This sample is not treated with phytase but is treated with alkaline phosphatase and will give the amount of enzymatically released phosphorous which is not associated with phytic acid. Subtracting this value of alkaline phosphatase released phosphorus from the Total Phosphorus value for the same sample and then calculating the phytic acid would be more accurate for phytic acid determination.

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