After downloading the Assay files and Indices files from the Megazyme website, extract the zipped files using WinZip and place them in the following folders on the PC/Laptop that is running the ChemWell 2910 software: 

ChemWell 2910 Assay files: 
C:\ChemWell R6\Root\AssaysChem 

ChemWell 2910 Indices files: 
C:\ChemWell R6\Root\IndicesChem 

After placing the files into the correct folders the ChemWell 2910 software (ChemWell Manager) will automatically upload the new test files when it is next opened. Alternatively, the test files can be manually uploaded in the ChemWell 2910 software by selecting “Management” and then selecting “Reload Assay Files”. After being uploaded by the software the new test files and indices files will appear in the test list of the “Sample” tab.

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