As of May 2021 the method of calculating Diastatic Power (DP) for the enzyme product E-MAST was changed based on consultations with Brewing technical experts along with internal research. The original calculation did not take into account the way that the malt is prepared when used in the DP measurement. As a result, the values are now expressed on the E-MAST product page and Data Sheet as Apparent DP values, and are approximately 20-fold higher than the DP values using the previous method of calculation. Please refer to the E-MAST Data Sheet for more details on how DP was calculated: E-MAST Data Sheet 

This table shows the previously reported DP values and the new Apparent DP values for Lots 70306 and 190222.

MethodLot 70306Lot 190222
α-Amylase (Ceralpha reagent)8001,015
β-Amylase (Betamyl-3 reagent)99127
Old Value
Diastatic Power
Old Value
Diastatic Power (oWK EBC)
New Value
Apparent Diastatic Power (oL ASBC)
New Value
Apparent Diastatic Power (oWK EBC)