Carob galactomannan and Soya galactomannan both have a 1,4-beta-D-mannan backbone and galactose as alpha-1,6-linked single units.  Carob has about 23% galactose and soy has 32%.  Both are hydrolysed rapidly and to a high degree by beta-manannase. The distribution of galactosyl residues in these two galactomannans is quite different, refer to the two papers below:

McCleary, B. V. (1979).  Enzymic hydrolysis, fine structure, and gelling interaction of legume seed Dgalacto-D-mannans.  Carbohydrate Research, 71, 205-230.

McCleary, B. V., Dea, I. C. M., Clark, A. H. and Rees, D. A. (1985). The fine structures of guar and carob galactomannans.  Carbohydrate Research, 139, 237-260.

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