The detection limit of the L-Arginine/Urea/Ammonia Assay Kit is 0.368 mg/L of L-arginine/0.0708 mg/L of ammonia/0.126 mg/L of urea, which is derived from an absorbance difference of 0.020 with the maximum sample volume of 2.00 mL.

The  L-Arginine/Urea/Ammonia Kit assay is linear over the range 1.0 to 35 µg of L-arginine, 0.2 to 7.0 µg of ammonia and 0.3 to 14 µg of urea per assay.  Using a 0.1 mL assay volume of the supplied ammonia standard at 0.040 mg/mL will correspond to 4 µg of ammonia in the assay.  Using a 0.1 mL assay volume of the prepared L-arginine standard at 0.100 mg/mL will correspond to 10 µg of L-arginine in the assay.

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