It is possible to measure ethyl acetate with any of the acetic acid (acetate) test kits by performing the following sample preparation:

The ethyl groups can be removed by adding 1 M NaOH at 1/10 of the sample volume and leaving at room temperature for 10 min then measuring the acetic acid with any of the acetic acid kits. Free acetic acid should be subtracted and this is measured in the sample that is not treated with NaOH.

The results will be given as acetic acid content so the recommended calculation process for ethyl acetate is:

1. Measure free acetic acid (no ethyl acetate conversion)

2. Measure free acetic acid plus converted ethyl acetate

Multiply the value from 2 only by 1.11 to account for 1 in 11 dilution with NaOH

Subtract 1 from 2

Multiply by 1.467 to convert acetic acid (mwt 60.05) value to ethyl acetate (mwt 88.11).

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