endo-Xylanases can vary in their ability to hydrolyse different substrates. Megazyme have investigated the action of 8 endo-xylanases (4 x GH10 and 4 x GH11) on the XylX6 substrate, wheat arabinoxylan (P-WAXYM) and beechwood xylan (P-XYLNBE). XylX6 was shown to be the preferred substrate in most cases (6 of 8 endo-xylanases versus wheat arabinoxylan and 5 of 8 endo-xylanases versus beechwood xylan).

Equations allowing for the conversion of endo-xylanase activites between these 3 substrates are included in Appendix C of the K-XylX6 data booklet. The standard curves for each of the 8 endo-xylanases that allows direct conversion of the absorbance obtained in the XylX6 assay into reducing sugar values on wheat arabinoxylan and beechwood xylan are located in the K-XylX6 supporting information file which can be found under the documentation tab.

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