First samples must be  treated as per the instructions in the assay protocol, see the removal of low degree polymerisation (DP) sugars with ethanol washing, followed by hydrolysis of polysaccharide with sulphuric acid as detailed on pages 9-10 of the kit booklet. This procedure used approx. 100 mg and has a final volume of 100 mL.

Subsequently the sample should be applied to the enzymatic determination to determine mannose released.

The mannan content can be calculated as follows:


100 = volume correction factor (total volume after solubilisation with acid adjusted to 100mL)
100 / W = conversion back to 100 mg of sample (i.e. as % w/w).
W = weight of sample analysed
162/180 = a factor to convert from free D-mannose, as determined, to anhydro-mannose, as occurs in mannan.