We recommend that customers follow the instructions exactly as described in the assay procedure.

However it is possible to adapt this method to use filtration instead of centrifugation.

We recommend this as lower centrifugation speeds cause only a partial pellet to form.

We have found that the volumes in step A will need to be increased 5 fold to ensure enough filtrate is recovered for use in step B. Approx 3.0 mL will be recovered for use in step B


Step AmL
Distilled water4.5
Carrez I Solution0.25
Carrez II Solution0.25
Total Volume 7.5

2 mL of the clear filtrate is then used in step B.


Step BmL
Distilled water0.8
Clear Filtrate2.0
Solution 1 (Buffer A) 0.2
Suspension 2 (GOX/Catalase)0.4
hydrogen peroxide (30% w/w)0.2
Total Volume 3.6