K-URONIC was developed to measure the amount of D-Galacturonic and D-Glucuronic acid present in a sample.

The D-Glucuronic/D-Galacturonic Acid Assay Kit (K-URONIC) is suitable for the specific measurement of D-hexuronic acids including D-glucuronic and D-galacturonic acid.  Results can only be expressed in the context of D-Glucuronic or D-Galacturonic Acid content of the original sample.

This procedure will only measure free D-glucuronic acid or D-galacturonic acid however it will not differentiate between the two if they are both present in the sample.

For polysaccharides samples e.g. pectin these will need to be hydrolysed to the free (unbound) uronic acid components as per the sample preparation methods present in the Assay protocol.

Please see the sample preparation guides and examples on pages 8 - 10 of the kit booklet (link below).

D-Glucuronic/D-Galacturonic Acid (K-URONIC) Assay Protocol