It is essential to perform the creep reaction at the end of step C. (Enzymatic determination reaction) of the K-LOLAC assay procedure for low-lactose and lactose-free samples where any original lactose in the sample has been hydrolysed by lactase during the production or manufacturing process. 

To perform the creep reaction, read the absorbance (A3) at 15 min after the addition of suspension 6, followed by absorbance readings at exactly 5 min intervals (i.e. at exactly 20 min and 25 min after the addition of suspension 6). 

Input these 3 absorbance readings into the “Creep Calculator” tab of the K-LOLAC MegaCalc

The Creep Calculator provides a more accurate and specific measurement of lactose and removes some interference cause by galactooligosaccharides (GOS).

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