The standard calibration curve is purely for use with auto-analyser instruments (e.g. Konelab) where the path-lengths vary from 10 mm and therefore do not permit use of the calculations in the data booklet or the MegaCalc application.

If a spectrophotometer and standard 10 mm path-length cuvettes are being used, then the assay should be performed as described in the data booklet for either of the “Manual Format” methods (individual values of fructose and glucose or total sugars; glucose plus fructose).  These “Manual Format” methods do not require the use of a standard calibration curve and results should be obtained from the calculations as described for the appropriate method used.  Alternatively, results can be processed using the MegaCalc application which can be found where the product is located on the Megazyme website.  This application processes results from simple entry of raw data absorbance values.  

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