The glucose measurement (incubation with GOPOD Reagent) is linear between 4 and 100 micrograms of glucose per assay. We recommend that the smallest differentiating absorbance ΔA should be at least 0.04 with GOPOD Reaction. This is an equivalent of 0.35% of resistant starch in a sample (final extract volume 10.3 mL).

The absorbance received for the sample must not exceed the absorbance values obtained for 100 μg of glucose standard (0.1 mL of standard at 1.0 mg/mL that is supplied with the kit). If an expected resistant starch content in your sample is > 10% or received absorbance values for the sample are higher than the absorbance values obtained for the glucose standard, the sample solution must be diluted by quantitatively transferring to 100 mL volumetric flask and filling to the mark with distilled water before incubation with GOPOD Reagent.

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