The value (g/100g) obtained from the Phytic Acid Assay Kit (K-PHYT) for phosphorus is a measure of enzymatically released phosphorus only which is phosphorus released by alkaline phsophatase and phytase. An assumption of this assay is that all of the enzymatically released phosphorus is from phytic acid. The value (g/100 g) obtained for total phoshorus does not include the inositol molecule from phytic acid.

Phosphorus makes up 28.2% of phytic acid which is comprised of 6 phosphate molecules covalently attached to inositol and the calculation of phytic acid (g/100g) includes the weight of 1 inositol molecule for every 6 phosphate molecules. Therefore the value obtained for phytic acid will be higher than the value for enzymatically released phosphorus.

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