Malt beta-glucanase activity measured as MBG4 Units using the Malt β-Glucanase/Lichenase Assay Kit (K-MBG4) can be converted to Units on Barley beta-glucan using the following equation:

Units on Barley beta-glucan = 3.98 x MBG4 Units

The standard curve shown in Appendix D of the K-MBG4 Kit Booklet was generated by investigating the absorbance increase observed during the MBG4 assay of beta-glucanase solutions standardized by reducing sugar assay on barley beta-glucan. This standard curve has a slight non-linear profile and the conversion factor of 3.98 serves as a simple approximation to account for this.
For a more accurate conversion of MBG4 Units to Units on Barley beta-glucan, use the polynomial equation.

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