The Mega-Calc applications are Excell-based spreadsheets that enable simple automated calculation of results from raw data analysis.

Each Mega-Calc application is specific to a particular Megazyme test kit and can be downloaded from the specific assay kit product page.

Instructions for the specific Mega-Calc file are provided on the first worksheet of the file.

Data should only be entered into the "Mega-Calc" work sheet of the file.

The yellow / orange cells in the Mega-Calc file are unlocked while all other cells are unlocked. 

Data should only be entered into yellow / orange cells by typing or using "paste value".

If you try to paste or type into cells that are locked you will receive an error message.

Pasting data across a range of cells may also generate an error message. This is because the range of cells may contain some locked cells that are hidden.

If this happens try entering data individually into the yellow / orange cells.

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